26th – 27th June, 2018
Marriott Heathrow Hotel, London

What’s New for 2018?

2018 will greatly change the IP landscape. To reflect this, we have streamlined our agenda to provide a spotlight for the challenges that leading Heads of IP and Patent are facing on a day to day basis. With more case studies than ever before, we are bringing you actions, solutions and experiences that will inform your future IP strategy. As well as these in-depth case studies you will have the opportunity to network with senior decision-makers in the IP profession through interactive games and round tables.

Interactive Games

We are mixing up the standard conference format by introducing interactive games to the Global IP Exchange UK agenda. This includes a Lego-based game that will be facilitated by a leading Head of IP and a networking bingo session that will allow you to build connections with like-minded individuals.

Technology Focused Afternoon

On day one of the Exchange the afternoon sessions will be entirely focused on the trending technologies that are revolutionising the way we think about IP. From AI to the Internet of Things, you will hear from specialists who have had to adapt their IP strategy to encompass these technologies. This is something that has now become relevant to all industries (not just technology) and can no longer be ignored as market predictions show continual growth for 2018.

Thought-Provoking Round Table Discussions

We work with our expert advisory board to produce thought-provoking and highly relevant points of discussion for our round table sessions. The aim of these sessions is to facilitate collaborative problem solving that will prepare you for future policy change and the inevitable consequences of this. There are a number of possible outcomes for Brexit, the UPC and other policy reforms and being able to plan ahead and create a strategy for new circumstances is essential.

More Variety

Following our re-brand, we are opening this Exchange up to all industries that actively invest in their IP strategy. More variety means different experiences and opinions being brought to the table which only increases the opportunity for productivity and learning. As well as more variety within our attendee list there is also a much more varied agenda on offer. Our expert speakers will be delivering tangible takeaways in the form of case study presentations, fireside chats, interactive panel discussions and round tables.